What is Manitoba?

Manitoba is a one-stop-shop for all your audiovisual needs, whether you’re in need of moving images or static ones. We combine the best of two worlds: we make both creative videos and inspired graphic designs. Having these two types of expertise under the same roof allows us to create powerful synergies between all aspects of our customers’ communications.

Corporate communications do not have to be dull and unimaginative. If there’s one thing that is central to everything we do, it is that precise thought. We turn ideas into images, and we firmly believe that the quality of the resulting image is heavily dependent on the idea behind it. That is always the first step: coming up with a concept that conveys what our customer wants to tell the world. The images will come naturally then.


This website is filled with companies that relied on us to make them look good on screen and on paper. Below are a handful of examples, both national and international.