Agfa Calendar

Ceci n’est pas un calendrier. This is not a calendar. You bet it isn’t: this is AGFA’s 2017 VIP calendar, a prized possession that is only handed out to their most loyal clients. The calendar was conceived and designed by Manitoba. In addition, most of the artworks on the calendar were made by our graphic designer and we followed up the complete printing process.


Calendars have a built-in shelf life. Their purpose wanes as the months of the year pass. Come December, and they have no more tales to tell. Not this one. The AGFA calendar is certain to survive 2017. Because each page is a work of art, that can be cut out and enjoyed long after the practical purpose of the calendar has expired. This is not a calendar that counts down to an inevitable end, this one recounts artistic stories time and again.



Every month showcases a different artistic technique and a different printing process. That way, this calendar is a testimony of the authenticity and the professionalism of AGFA. Even the packaging was extraordinary: it was printed using photosensitive ink, meaning the text only appears in direct sunlight.