Atlas Copco at Isola

Norway can be a harsh country, with its cold climate and long winters. That is probably why the Norwegians have become masters of insulation. Isola is a great example: that company supplies solutions to the construction industry. Their products can be found in cellars and on rooftops all over Europe. To produce their high-quality solutions, Isola needs high quality vacuum. Atlas Copco provides that vacuum in the shape of an energy efficient GHS VSD+ system.


Because Atlas Copco is just as proud of its products as Isola is, they had Manitoba make this application movie about their relationship with the Norwegian company. We wrote a script that ties Isola’s state-of-the-art products to a centuries old Norwegian tradition: that of insulated roofs. The final movie showcases Atlas Copco’s vacuum pump and (as a free bonus) the beauty of the Norwegian landscape.