Atlas Copco and La Molisana

It’s hard to find an industry – any industry – that doesn’t use compressed air or vacuum. That also means it’s hard to find a factory where there are no Atlas Copco machines, since they are an industry leader in both of those fields. Even pasta requires compressed air and vacuum. In fact, vacuum is crucial to the production of the packs of dried pasta you probably have in your pantry.


La Molisana is an Italian pasta producer with a long tradition of quality. No wonder they chose Atlas Copco to supply their vacuum. And no wonder that Atlas Copco chose Manitoba to make this customer testimonial. In fact, we’ve been making these kinds of videos for them for the better part of a decade now.


Often we also turn these “success stories” into leaflets that sales people can hand out when they’re visiting potential new customers. These simple leaflets are a great way of bringing across the benefits of a given machine by taking a testimonial as its starting point.