Atlas Copco DZS Claw Pumps

Do you sometimes get bored when watching yet another corporate video promising you the best * insert product here * on earth? Do you get tired of all the hyperbole that seems to come with this turf? So do we.


That is why we chose a radically different approach when Atlas Copco asked us to make videos for their new range of DZS vacuum pumps. These machines are based on straightforward, tried and tested claw technology. It’s a reliable machine without any bells and whistles – and so is this video. Honest communication, now that’s a novel concept.


But that doesn’t mean we didn’t add a creative touch. After all, that’s what we’re known for. So we had two artists make their rendition of this pump. The result is a vacuum pump like you’ve never seen it.


Reproductions of the artworks made for this video also featured on several banners than we designed for use on trade shows. And the original works of art turned into prized possessions of the DZS product managers.