Dragon Egg

The Dragon Egg is a bright red kamado. That’s right, a kamado: a cooking tool with a long and rich¬†history that has now been revamped into a revolutionary barbecue.¬†Ovens made of stone or clay have been used for thousands of years to prepare food. The origins of this way of cooking go back over five thousand years, and can be traced to China, India, Pakistan, Syria and Irak. That tradition has now been upgraded with a modern design. The clay has been replaced by top notch ceramics, and the addition of a vent system allows for better control over the temperature inside the kamado.


This Dragon Egg is not only an object of beauty, but a multifunctional cooking tool. (You can even use it to bake a pizza). Manitoba made a short video showcasing the design of the Dragon Egg. The video is used as a banner on the website of this product. Oh, and we made that website as well.