Edwards EDS

If you’re a large industrial company that makes machines – any machines – then 3D visualisations are a staple of your communication. In recent years, computer generated images have surpassed photoshoots of the actual machines as the preferred way to produce promotional images, whether for print or video. But a lot of videos that employ this technology are so smitten with the quality of the imagery that they forget… to tell a story.


There’s more to making an impactful 3D animated video then just stringing together some beautifully rendered shots. This video for the Edwards EDS vacuum pump aims to do just that: to bring storytelling back into the picture. The Edwards EDS is state-of the art dry vacuum technology made simple. That is: simple to install, simple to operate, simple to maintain. Its design is anything but simplistic, the result of decades of know-how combined with cutting edge modern production technologies. This sleek and stylish 3D animation boasts those aspects of the EDS vacuum pump. The combination of razor sharp 3D images, evocative footage and a bold visual style, fits this vacuum solution like a glove.