Where does the idea for a new product generate? On the drawing table of an engineer? During a brainstorm among product managers? Or can inspiration come from a very different spot?


In a series of three emotional testimonials called Sparks, we went looking for the ideas and inspiration behind Atlas Copco’s new generation of VSDS compressors. Each movie features an Atlas Copco employee, interacting with a family member belonging to a different generation. The employee talks about the importance of intergenerational connections, and about the lessons she or he learned from those interactions. The first such Spark centered on service expert Joris and his 97-year-old grandfather. His testimonial highlights the importance of innovation… but also how important it is to leave some things untouched.


The series comprised two more Sparks. The second one saw commodity buyer Emmelien go on a hiking trip with her grandmother. In the third video, engineer Yogesh ruminated on how technology has changed the ways in which we stay in touch with our loved ones.